Sassy Halloween

Sassy Halloween



Sassy Comedian


Big props to this Sassy Comedian. When she’s good she’s good and when she’s bad she’s really really bad! This watermelon loving gal may have run out of jokes for the evening but she’s always got some sass on tap. Despite all of her whack and hack you can’t help but develop a little crush on this Sassy Comedian. 



Sassy Madame


This aging beauty has seen a thing or two in her time. She may be older than the chicks you're used to, but she has a lifetime of experience, if you catch my drift... At first this Sassy Madame may seem as scaly as a crocodile, but you’ll soon learn she’s as soft as a baby cougar. Why don’t you go pay her a visit sometime? And don’t forget to bring some cash, Honey!




Sassy Star


The folks who are sassy ain't usually classy. This Sassy Star is no exception, she gets down to the nitty gritty. Her motto: the creamier, the dreamier. But just because this babe likes to make a mess, doesn’t mean she’s a bad girl. This messy bombshell might have strayed far from the cherry farm, but she’ll always be the girl next door. 




Sassy Waitress


Hey Sugar, I’ll be your Sassy Waitress today. What’s on the menu you ask? How 'bout a big ol’ plate a hot mess with a side of attitude? There comes a time in every gal’s life when she’s gonna have to serve somebody.. and when that time comes she’s gonna serve it up cold and mushy! Talk to the hand, because this pretty face just ain’t listening. 



perform ABBY LLOYD
styling ABBY LLOYD
nail artist JUAN ALVEAR


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