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Iris talks more about her new sexy print publication, PC Erotic published by @ditto_london, and how it aims to encourage positive dialogue in the over crossing worlds of technology and sexuality, one bio-hacked boob at a time.


Greetings. What is PC erotic and is it SFW?
Pc Erotic is a magazine I created with Ben Freeman that explores the realms of sex and tech and when both of those collide. We try to go against the whole negative tone and perception society and pop culture have somewhat set up around these two worlds colliding and evolving. Basically I was tired of hearing people complain about silly things like, "HOW DARE FACEBOOK KNOW WHAT BRAND OF SHOEHORN I BUY!" (looking at all the paranoid aunties out there), and seeing shows like Black Mirror or the press use our technological advancements to instill fear.

I mean i'm pretty sure there's a woman with a vagina for a face somewhere in there so i'm gonna go ahead and say no.


Was there a specific moment of conception for the magazine?
No it took a full blown year to perfect the magazine, mainly because coming up with genuinely funny content is quite hard to force. We also took great care finding the perfect people to work with and collaborate with for the first issue. Oh and we also had literally no money.


What was the importance to you of presenting ideas surrounding sexuality and technology in a print format?
So indirectly we wanted to show that both could co-exist harmoniously (people say digital is the death of print, but people who want a tangible object to read will always want that). In terms of sex and tech I feel like there's a heightened level of scrutiny surrounding the platforms people use and how we use them (Be it from our counter-parts or even the government as a whole). The Backpage scandal really got me thinking that we need to open an honest and sane dialog about tech and sex that doesn't drift into the farcical and foreboding, instead we need to figure out in a pragmatic manner rules, perspectives and concepts to live harmoniously within this new realm. New scenarios as to what sexuality can be materialized thanks to technology, and I'm just here to encourage people to be open-minded and talk about it (even if it's through biohacked boobs).


Speaking of biohacked boobs…The first issue touches on solar-powered stiffies and bluetooth milk bags. Do you think these are viable sexy solutions for the future? And is there one you wish existed?
Yes they'll definitely help fend off the incel up-rising whilst i escape to my reptilian lair underground. I'd like to see the rise and evolution of sexual artillery somehow, or harnessing the mind-boggling power of lust to defeat people (for example, outside of tech we have spiked condoms which are used to prevent rape). I wish there were a nipple expander. Nothing to do with sex tbh i just like the idea of pinochio boobs. I also like the idea of a portable wi-fi router or subwoofer butt plug (could be called butts by dre).


Did you ever sext smarter child? 
No, i used to go on skyrock or omegle and click through the infinite amount of men wanking with my friends, to be honest it was quite tedious. 


My experience with sex and tech (specifically the internet) is sad, funny and very of its time. I was obsesed with watching liveleak and shock videos (Rip Mr.Hands), which explains a lot lol. When i was growing up it was still this in between moment where the internet still hadn't been around for long enough for us to understand how to monitor it, and finding anything vaguely erotic was quite hard to avoid (it was the glory days of lemon party!).


Outside of that i haven't tried any of the technology mentioned or thought up in the magazine, so there's that. But i did have a Pantydeal account, which never fully came to make profit because you have to pay to be a member!! The cheek!! I need to find the account i'd originally made (which i was sharing with my friend), we wrote the wildest description and posed as half Russian half Columbian bimbos, i think she was called something along the lines of Xxx-sExYRusLaNa-xxX.


makeup ANA TAK
art direction and interview FIONA HARTLEY
starring IRIS CHALANGEAS @ PC Erotic


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