Eklund Eklund

Eklund Eklund

For all of us who wanna support and change the fashion system, here’s Eklundeklund! World-based Johanna Eklund is a designer inspired by people, 90’s yellow and Kim K. Stay tuned for her upcoming collection Queer Couture collection made together with her love.

ph: Ingrid Kempe

Where are you based?
I usually say we’re World-based but physically located in Stockholm, Sweden. :)

What sparked you interest in fashion? When and why did you start designing clothes?
My mother has always been sowing mine and my family’s clothes, curtains and pillow cases so I early became very aware of clothes, how they are made and that someone designs and makes them. I made clothes to my Barbies, my advent candelabra and finally to myself. It was out of my interest is clothes, colours and style but also because what I wanted to wear, or what I wanted my Barbies to wear, didn't exist. 

EKLUND EKLUND sprung out of me designing a collection of clothes during my first year at my Bachelor at Konstfack in Stockholm. I’ve made clothes before but not under a name. I got a request from a NY webshop Cixous 72 about selling my clothes there so i had to name the brand and named it after myself, haha. I think it’s funny with all narcissists through time that name things, discoveries and companies after themselves so I made it double the fun, double me, double EKLUND.


What would you say characterises Eklund Eklund’s fashion?
I think it’s funny, sexy, a lot and then some more. ;) I make queer couture so that’s the more serious answer. The design is for every identity, body and expression. It’s a mix of trash, craft, simple Tees with a naughty or political print and high couture woven jackets in crazy material and colours.


Naughty but nice, hopeless- topless- shameless, Jag är en jävel på kärlek (translated I’m a fucker/devil at love) etc., how do you come up with these slogans, where do they come from?
The Naughty but nice tee is actually a copy of a memory of a T-shirt I had when I was 12. It was a yellow crop top with the text in black. I remade it from my memory and now I found a picture of the original! It’s not the same type but still an ugly one. :) The Hopeless, topless, shameless is from my first EKLUND EKLUND collection which portraits my inner thoughts about myself, mainly negative traits, self-doubt and hate. These we’re some of the more positive words that came out of me and I thought it had a nice rhythm to it and I love the message in being hopeless and topless but no shame!

Jag är en jävel på kärlek is also a copy of a T-shirt from the Swedish band GES with a text from one of their biggest hits! “Jag är en jävel på kärlek, jag är en jävel på att kyssa flickorna”, “I’m a fucker/devil at love, I’m a fucker at kissing the girls”. I LOVED that song when I was about 7 years old and I walked around with that tee all the time. I loved it so much that a wanted it now again as a grown-up. My friends and followers wanted it too so I made more and now there’s many fuckers at love out there!


Your designs often carries the colour strong yellow, why yellow? How whould you describe the colour to a blind person?
It started with the Naughty but nice T-shirt in sunflower yellow. I made a collection about my family and my childhood years and everything in our house was yellow at that time (the 90s) so naturally the garments got the same bright cocky colour. It’s also a colour of warning and one you see at a distance so it’s a smart colour to wear if you wanna be seen. 

I would describe the yellow I’m using as warm, powerful, happy, loving, embracing, shocking and stingy with a punch.

ph: Freja Lindberg

ph: Freja Lindberg

Who/what inspires you aesthetically? Which references do you use?
Right now I’m really inspired by the Kardashians, especially Kim. Also, really excited about pink, purple and shiny, high gloss, glitter extravaganza atm. I’m ALWAYS inspired by other clothes and people’s styles. I don’t find inspiration in architecture or nature. 

Who would you like to see wear your couture?
Everyone who likes it! People who knows what it’s about and who wants to support and change the fashion system. No more gender and size exclusion!!


Whats your motto?
Fake it till u make it, be kind and smile :)

Are you working on a new collection? Could you give us a hint?
YES! I have not been feeling well the last year so I haven't been able to make something new but I’m better now and am currently working on a new Queer Couture One Size collection and some new fresh EKLUND EKLUND merch for the webshop with my partner and love Ingrid Kempe.




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