Killjante is a DJ and is managing two fashion brands. She tells us about the effects of love and how to kill the Swedish legacy of Jantelagen. She also shares with us the universal recipe for a hungover cure.


How are you today?
Tired and slightly sick but I’m cozed up so it’s okay :) 


How do you take your coffe?
Homemade flat white with Lavazza espresso and Oatly iKaffe! (Please sponsor me)


What has been on your mind lately?
Wow, um, a lot as per usual! I just moved so fixing the apartment and getting settled in before christmas is on the top of my to-do list! Blessed, but stressed ;)


What about your name, or you alias, Killjante?
In Sweden we have this sort of social phenomenon called ”The law of Jante”, which basically means that it’s frowned upon to differ from the norm in what I consider to be positive ways. For example, you shouldn’t think that you are special or better at some things than others. If you ask me it’s basically ”you are like the rest of us, a nobody”. I think that subconsciously a lot of swedes have this imprinted in their minds without even thinking about it. Whether it’s getting stared at for wearing a crazy colourful outfit, being proud about an achievement or getting crazy at a party, people very easily judge you for it and think ”you’re too much”.  Personally I’ve always enjoyed myself at parties and am always the first one on the dancefloor, so I’ve gotten used to the stares. In many ways I’ve differed from the norm since I was a kid and the older I get the more I enjoy it. So for me KILLJANTE is just a way of saying, well, Kill Jante. 

Current occupation and dream occupation?
DJ @_destinationunknown_/ Design & Business @EklundEklund/ Co-Founder & Co-Boss @salientselection (which is re-launching this January).

I think my dream occupation would be either to just develop what I’m doing now, you know become a DJ/ producer rockstar and a successful entrepreneur just collabing with my friends etc etc. If that doesn’t work out I would love to just travel around the world photographing sunsets or design sneakers for Nike :) Regardless I want to continue working with a close family of best friends! 


Hungover activity?
Lying in bed, trying to convince my GF to go and buy Coke + food, then watch Harry Potter. 


How would you describe love?
The feeling you get when you just want to tell a specific person everything. Exciting things, to ventilate after a shit day, a random thought that just popped into your head, anything really. I think that impulse is simply a desire to share your life with someone and connect.

Describe your first love and lastest love!
Well, I was quite young the first time, and madly in love of course. Struggling with depression since a young age, falling in love for the first time just sort of picked me up and showed me a different side of life and the potential for happiness. The relationship lasted a few years and then ended pretty badly. It taught me to not enter relationships lightly, but rather to choose my partners wisely! Because you know love can be really good when it’s good and really bad when it’s bad. Then after searching for many years I found Johanna Eklund, someone who filled all of my three official requirements; 1, good at giving massages. 2, great future parent. 3, crazy, but not too crazy. With everything else that she is I would say she’s all-in-all, perfect :)


A movie, series or book character that you’ve always reasoned with?
Well, I always loved Phoebe Buffay for her ability to just be herself and not care about what other people think of her as well as being hysterically funny ofc. 


If you were given one wish to come true, what would you wish?
I’d wish for three more!!!


courtesy KILLJANTE


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