Freja Wesik

Freja Wesik


In an industry that wants to appear to be progressive Freja works for the actual implementation of it. Freja is a fashion designer, and model, who wants to give a voice to the misrepresented ones in media and fashion. It’s time, Gudfreja (God Freja) show us the way!


Where are you from and where do you live?
I’m born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. But currently I live in Borås where I study my second year of BA in fashion design at the Swedish School of Textiles.


What inspires you?
My chosen family of my queer community and queer allies is my main inspiration. People that understand me from the inside throughout. I want people to understand queer, to see more than a label, to see a person. Through my fashion I want to represent people that are misrepresented in media and within fashion.

I want them to know that there are people that have their backs. I want to be that person they can lean on. I want to be a role model. I think that is the main thing that drives me and gets me inspired. Fashion for me is a communication tool to express my values and what I think is important.


What is you favourite module in fashion design?
I do have a special love for hand sewing, embroidery and everything within craftsmanship. Craft helps me to reflect and antistress after a day as a fashion student.

Your designs are very colourful, often in shiny inviting materials. How would you describe this expression and what feeling do you want to generate?
My designs are inspired by the feeling that you had when dressing up as a kid and borrowed your mom's lipstick, combined with a teenager who has grown out of their clothes but still keeps them for nostalgic reasons. I like the contrast between glam and tacky in combination with playfulness and naivety. 

I want the clothes to encourage instead of restraining the person. To feel confident. I want you to feel like the ultimate you or extended you when you're wearing my clothes. The main focus for my design is that I want to create a safe zone for queer and queer allies. And also that you are a part of the Gudfreja family!


What do you think is problematic in the fashion industry?
I would love to see more diversity within every aspect of fashion both in models, designers and the people in other fields of fashion. For fashion to be less all about gender norms and also that designers would educated themselves on cultural appropriation, because CA is something that is common within the fashion industry. And obviously love and understanding for all animals, humans and the environment.

You’re also a model, what’s the best thing about modeling?
I’m a signed model at Sunrise Agency. Sunrise agency main focus is to offer a wide variety of models. It feels good to be a representative for a model agency with great values. My model family is the best thing about being a model! Overall I think that the model industry needs to focus more on personalities instead of norms.


Do you have any routines?
I often try to call my grandma once or twice in a week. We have a great relationship and she is the one who have taught me all i know about fashion. I love her to death! I also wash my face and use oil for moisturizing every morning and night.

What keeps you up at night?
If not instagram or a bad tv-series that I have seen to many times, then it’s probably my period pains or nightmares.

Which chararcter in Winnie the Pooh would be you?
Definitely Winnie the Pooh! I will always be the main character in any story. Ketchup and mustard is also one of my favorite colour combinations.


courtesy FREJA WESIK


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