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Nobody is free from this post-truth, fake news era. Shoop Clothing designers Yohei and Miriam, photographer Matias Uris and set designer Alfredo Santamaría combine powers to show us, indeed, the world in which we now live.

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For your FW18 collection you mixed streetwear and work uniforms. What influenced this direction? Was it stylistic? Was it fueled by clothing construction? Or is it all conceptual?
We are usually inspired by streetwear and uniforms when designing because we like its aesthetics and functionality. For this collection we wanted to recreate “officecore” clothes like suits, shirts, etc. Also messenger uniforms were on our minds as we have been inspired by Fake News and Post-truth as a concept. For the runway show we've recreated a fake Fake News editorial office!

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What kind of uniforms have either of you had to wear in your life?
Yohei: Uniforms are very common in Japanese society, so I have worn the uniforms of school, waiter, cook, basketball, martial arts, etc.
Miriam: I love the aesthetics of uniforms, especially sports, schools and work clothes. When I was little I wanted to wear a uniform but my school did not have one!

Is there a uniform you always dreamed of wearing?
Traditional uniforms from around the world - We are always interested in ritual cultures. Religious uniforms are also very interesting to us!
Yohei: I like the SWAT team uniform because it’s like Ninja.

One of you is Japanese and one of you is Spanish. Where do you live and work? 
We spent a lot of time in Spain and 2 months in Japan. We currently work and produce our garments in Madrid, Spain.

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Where did you meet physically? Where do you meet aesthetically? Where do your visual tendencies overlap?
We met a small club in Madrid, Spain. Our common friend who was playing dj that night at the club presented us. We have many things in common in terms of visual trends, music and fashion so we connected from the beginning.

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The concept of Fake News REALLY resonates with me as I'm an American... If you had to make up a bit of fake news right now what would that be:
War is over and Peace and Love are filling the world. Our future will be better.

Is there a public figure you dream of seeing in SHOOP clothing?
It would be funny to see Trump in our Post-truth items, but we would prefer to see the Dalai Lama in SHOOP clothes.

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Where did the name SHOOP come from anyway? What exactly is a SHOOP?!
SHOOP comes from the Salt-N-Pepa song. Actually it means Self Hosting Organization & Own Policy.

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Tell us about the collaborations you undertook for this collection specifically:
We've collaborated with the Japanese store, Sullen Tokyo for our “Adulte Player” line and Adult Sports items. Also, we have collaborated with a Japanese brand called as Minus for leather clothes.

If this season tasted like something what would that be?
Spicy and salty with a bitter touch, like a Michelada.

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interview ASHLEY MUNNS

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