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'You would take the spit from my mouth'

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What is your earliest memory of fashion?
Probably Whitby Goth Festival when I was a child, I remember being absolutely mesmerised (still am) Its a life style y’know?


Why have you chosen fashion as your way of communicating your creativity? 
I've never been very good at communicating in general, but for me its the easiest format because its something thats instinctive.

How did you develop your aesthetic?
I guess as you grow you start to know what you do and don’t like, And I have always been very particular about that. It has taken time and patience but I still don’t think its there.


The fashion industry is in the midst of a lot of change at the moment, if you could how would you change the industry?
I think there is a big lean towards fashion collaborating with other industries and I love the prospect of multi-disciplinary fashion. Taking ‘catwalks’ and ‘presentations’ to the next level.


What is your idea of the perfect day?
Lots of coffee, cigs and being able to be creative with the people I love.




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