All in collage

Circus A Go Go

A creative journey is created by infusing collage artwork with photography. The black surface adds a depth into the characters and colourful textures. David Siferd’s playful and unconventional brand Goddess takes on a dramatic role and is fully expressed through the blossomlike silhouettes.

Anton Reva

Reva’s constant experimentation of new processing of capturing and editing photos both with analog and digital photography results in an intermediary between old and new.

Joe Webb

Joe Webb (1976) uses vintage magazines and printed ephemera that he has collected to create simple but elegant hand-made collages, no Photoshop manipulation is allowed.

Lita Kenyon

On occasion, I find myself opening discarded books and magazines in antique shops and flea markets. These are some of my resources for a series of collage/drawings I entitle, Later State Series.

Lilah Fowler

The sculptures, prints and installations by Lilah Fowler explore the space around us. Through her works she invites us to reflect on our relationship and our experience of our surroundings.

Ashkan Honarvar

Its really different each time, it can be a single image that triggers a whole new project. Or I might see a movie or read a book. Sometimes I have an idea first then I go and look for images and books to cut up and other times is the way around.

Richard Vergez

Vergez’s collages are neither chance arrangements or nonsensical, but rather these mass-produced images are carefully composed constructions that are minimalistic and aesthetically clean.