Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre


First of all, I did NOT know that spiders can’t hear, did YOU? Learn more about spider mom and Las Vegas porn star, Charlotte Sartre today as she tells us about life in the adult entertainment biz!

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You are a performer — what do you perform?

Where are you from originally? What is your favorite thing about Las Vegas? 
I’m from Northern California and my favorite thing about Las Vegas is the mountains.

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Are spiders considered goth? Why? Do you own a pet spider? 

I don’t think spiders are goth. Goth is a subculture based in music and spiders don’t have any sense of hearing. They can only feel vibrations. I have 6 tarantulas at the moment.

Tell us about your favorite tattoo:
I can’t really narrow down a favorite tattoo but I like my sleeve. I keep adding more flowers, spiders, and webs to it.

You are engaged right? Do you have big wedding plans?
Yes, I’m engaged. My fiancé (Lance Hart) and I are getting married in February and probably inviting around 150 people, but who knows how many will be there.


How did you get your foot in the door and how long have you been working in the Porn industry? 
I got my foot in the door through webcamming at first. I’ve been doing porn for 3 years.

What was the biggest misconception you had about  working in Porn before you actually started?
The biggest misconception I had before working in porn was that an agent was necessary for success. They’re really not. In most cases it’s just one extra person to complicate things and get between you and your money.

Do your parents or grandparents know? Do you have to hide it from anyone? Does anyone recognize you from your films?
Sometimes I do get recognized by fans if I’m out at a restaurant or at the movies or something. They are all very nice people. And whenever I go to porn conventions there are lots of fans.


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