Dusan Prekop

Dusan Prekop


Dušan Prekop makes art out of his art process. His Instagram is a hub of spontaneous creation, paying homage to his work yet to come, often revealed later on his Tumblr page. Below we learn more about how he uses his own body to create curious imagery for the World Wide Web.

How would you describe yourself? How would you describe your craft? 
I am very open minded and always questioning everything. I have a huge interest in the visual world, visual arts and design. I find myself exploring and redefining things around me and finding new ways to create and think.

I would say that my craft is clean and empty but also full. I focus on creating installations in space and working with various materials and different mediums, trying to connect them and create fragility and tension among them, creating delicacy

It seems that you involve yourself in your art. How important is your own body to the imagery you create for Instagram? 
At the moment, I primarily use my own body in the photography which I create for Instagram. On the other hand, with my installations in space with objects, my physical body is not present. However, I am in the process of trying to work with and involve my body there as well. My creations for Instagram are mostly a kind of sketch of a particular moment in a definite space. When I am doing something for Instagram, it is more about me being spontaneous, not preparing anything ahead of time in most cases. It just comes when I am making and trying to do what seems to be most interesting for myself. This inspires me further within my creativity.

I find it important in that aspect that you can see the real connection with body and the objects and with the space, and of course in some cases, also with reflection. When I am naked and alone, I am not defined by anything such as clothes and things, only by the objects and the space around me. One reason why I use my body is that in real life, I am not an extrovert in any way, but with this medium being so far from reality in certain aspects, it makes it easier for me to get through those restrictions. I am working towards feeling more comfortable in every way.


There is rarely more than one subject in the content you create. Is loneliness a topic you explore through photograph? 
Definitely not. It more has to do with the fact that things become clearer when there is less distraction. I like clean spaces because there you can focus on what is truly important, on the important aspects, on the main subject. When there is chaos, I don't like it… it makes me a bit nervous. I find that sometimes you can tell more with less.

Your Tumblr account presents a more formal context for your art that Instagram. What is the difference in your creative process for work you present in a gallery space as opposed to exclusively online? 
I like to divide the way I present within these two platforms. Instagram is more free, with many hints on the kinds of concepts which I am currently working on, which I can then expand upon in a formal way. I am working on how I may connect these two platforms, but I also find that they cooperate with each other, going hand in hand, but in different aspects within my process of creation. Instagram is more about the process of creation than it is of the final results. On my Tumblr portfolio page, you can see documentary photos of how it was in reality, in a real space and then exhibited.

In one of your artist's statement for your "Body Mirrors" work featured on your Tumblr account, you speak about selfie culture. Do you think the advent of the selfie was a result of a more self-absorbed social climate or the cause of it? 
Yes, of course, many-people have big egos just because of their Instagram accounts, if it has a lot of nice selfies with many likes. It's kind of stupid, but that also could happen to me, that someone who doesn't know me could think the same of me, you never know. The culture of "likes" really scares me. It's really weird how we start not caring about real life






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