Lovers Club

Lovers Club

Lovers Club is a group based on the idea to share the love, growing organically and supporting each other in any way possible. Members of the club, talk more today about their last video ‘Material Madonna’, a love story and the feeling to be captured in and can’t escape. For them, a Love relationship has to be built on freedom, and respect.


Tell me more about Lovers club, when this group took form on what beginning idea?
S&Y: The first time we met, it felt like we met before in another dimension. Through conversations about our views on music and creativity, we noticed our way of thinking was a match. We decided to fuse and form Lovers Club. It’s fluid, so every lover worldwide is welcome to join. It’s all about growing organically, supporting each other in any way possible. We had dinner while answering these questions, talked about life and made a new song. That’s Lovers Club.

Y: I’ve always wanted to establish something for the younger me. Growing up there wasn’t someone who made me feel like it was fine to be me, so we want to make sure we reach people and show them how to fly.

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Does the video you made reflect a part of your story?
Y: In the video I’m bonded as a reference to a woman having me captured, even tho I’m not on a leash, it feels like I can’t escape her love. I had a few Material Madonna’s in my life, being able to create a song from a feeling and visualise it together is what makes Lovers Club.

S: Definitely. The story told in Material Madonna is one very close to us. So we wanted to have full creative control over the video. Everything was filmed and edited by us. Material Madonna shows a clear image of the way we like to express ourselves.


Is there a future project or an old one except your video which is good representation of your mind set you want to talk about?
Material Madonna is our first project that completely feels like us. Lately we’ve been making the type of music we want to make (genre-fluid) and each song feels like a video. This video the colours are black, purple and red. The next might be blue, yellow and green. This video there’s a man and a woman kissing, the next video it might be two guys. Like, who really cares you know? It should be a common thing, no taboos here pls.

Tell me 3 words that corresponds to you to the essence of life?
S: Love, freedom & dedication.

Y: Be beautiful in-’N-out.


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