Raven Artson

Raven Artson


From the Netherlands, the musician, artist and producer, Raven Artson discusses about his passion and his art; The music. He talks about his solitude, the positive impact to be a part of a group on himself, and how emotion influence his art and his style as well. 


How do you feel to live in Amsterdam?
It’s great !! Amsterdam feels like a beautiful small town, with a lively, walkable center. At the same time there’s a big city mentality in terms of ambition and impact. Because of the cities’ limited size there’s a lot of crossover between genres of music and music with video, photography and art etc.

Is to be a part of a group have a positive or negative impact on your individual?
Without my group of friends and artists around I’m going crazy. I feel very lonely and unhappy. At the same time I love to solitude myself with the knowledge that there’s others around. So being part of a group definitely has a positive impact on me if it’s accepted to escape the group when I want to, without consequences.


How would you describe your music in one word?

Do you believe the genre of music you create has an impact on your style?
Yes. In my music I try to be open to a lot of different genres. Anything that hits me emotionally somehow finds a way into my record. When I look at my style I’m thinking the same way.


Do you consider yourself more as a musician or as an artist?
I consider myself a recording artist.

Beyond music, do you consider that art is an integral part of your life?
Definitely. Most of my friends are either in music, photography, video, fashion or fine art. I enjoy surrounding myself with them and their own little islands of passion. To learn about their work broadens my vision and makes me re-appreciate my own music.






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