Rico Sanches

Rico Sanches


He finds comfort in being completely original and ‘the behind the scenes thing’ isn’t his wave too much. The LA-based stylish model Rico Sanches (he’s not Spanish but Portuguese), discusses more about his recent Paris Fashion week and how he finally walked for a runway show of PFW in a completely unexpected way. Of course, as he’s more known as ‘Rarefabrics’ he also talks about 3 Rare pieces from his wardrobe.


Tell me more about yourself
My name is Rico Sanches and I’m not Spanish. I’m a 24-year-old Portuguese creative. I model and I dress cool as fuck. To me at least. Just about everything I’ve gotten in life is from me applying myself while looking cool as fuck, and people just can’t deny a cool ass nigga at the end of the day. Right now, I’m working on getting all my clients to see that fact as well through my modeling so that I can succeed in this field and use that success to do whatever the hell else I want. I have abilities to create other things but right now I’m going to conquer modeling. I have braids and tattoos on my throat, this game is set up for me to no my excel, but watch this...


Do you consider yourself more as a model or a stylist? 
I am not a stylist. Literally a stylist is someone who has the ability to pull from showrooms. Whenever I’m dressing someone for a project it’s either my clothing or that brands clothing. I’ve even personally shopped for some celebrities before and I still don’t consider myself a stylist. I’d actually hate to be a stylist because I’m a star myself and the behind the scenes thing isn’t my wave too much. Now if Virgil hit me up and say style Off White this year for me no wouldn’t even be in my vocabulary. I’d definitely consider myself just an incredibly stylish model. 


Can you tell me an “anecdote” about your last fashion week?
My last fashion week we’d be referring to Paris Fashion Week. So it’s my first time in Paris in my life and I went because a couple of my close friends were going to hit up fashion week parties and they knew me being there would allow me to finesse modeling gigs up there. My friends highly insisted that I should go because a lot of people would love my look/style and I would be around very reputable people. Even after they told me I wasn’t 100% with it yet because I just made a lot of money and I wanted to save. The deal breaker was me mentioning it to my homie stone and he literally was like bro if you don’t go I’ma smack you. Not like in a violent way but like in a “bro you’re the most iconic person I know you better take your ass up there and finesse like I know you can” So I literally bought my flight after that lol. So, I hit up my agent in Los Angeles and ask if there’s anything they can set me up with in Paris but I had waited too long to say I was going and missed my window. However, knowing how I iconic I am I still went with intentions of finessing something on my own, and I did. I land in Paris and I get to the airbnb smoke one blunt then my homie says there’s a casting that ends in 45 min and I was 20 min away I left immediately. I get to the casting and I walk for them twice and they insisted I come back the next day for the fitting. I could/couldn’t believe it. My friends gave me a big I told you so and my THIRD day being in Paris ever I was walking on in a runway show for PFW. Nigga I wanted to cry. Being a guy from southeast DC that’s big. I met a bunch of cool people and also had a really cool moment with Taz Arnold who is a friend of mines and a fucking LEGEND. I’ll never forget it.


Tell me a RARE piece in your wardrobe?
I’ma tell you three since I’m rare fabrics. First is this super cool Marc Jacobs turtleneck from ready to wear ‘09 i think. Just the silhouette of that piece makes me smile, it also has these two-cool ass iced out broaches sewed on the back of it that shines 24/7. Second is this Céline tank top that zips up in the back and has what looks like bubbles popping out all over it. The neckline of that tank top is magnificent. Lastly are these Margiela pants that start out as a stretchy yoga pant material then changes at the thighs to a harder trouser material and what’s I really like about those pants are the fact that they were made while Margiela was actually still designing for MMM and the trouser materials has roses printed throughout the rest of the leg down to. Ankles but you gotta really look at the pants to notice the roses. I ain’t even know they were roses till like last week lmao.

How do you feel about living in LA? Do you ever plan to move to another place?
LA is lit as fuck. Sunny all the time, big palm trees everywhere I mean who don’t like palm trees? Also my agency is there so it’s literally better for my career to live there at the moment. I’d live in New York if the agencies were putting some respek on my potential.


What period or decade inspires you the most in term of fashion?
This is always a weird question for me because I feel like people always expect that someone doing something cool has had to have looked at something or someone else and copied that to have came up with their personal taste. Like most kids dress like their favorite rapper or favorite celebrity. Most kids HAVE to know what everyone is accepting first. I just don’t relate to that. The excitement I get knowing I gotta get dressed knowing that it’s about to be something completely created by my own tastes and my own natural interests honestly makes me wonder why anyone don’t want to feel that feelings. idk it’s reflexes not references for me. I’m pretty sure it’s a lot of people that can say oh you dress like him or her or this era but that’s just human’s natural rebuttal towards something new and fresh. Don’t get me wrong it’s A LOT of people that I like in the fashion world but that’s respect not inspiration. I find comfort in being completely original.


What is a collaboration with a brand you are most proud of?
I’d say to date my most proud gig is still my worldwide Adidas campaign because them boys paid me close to 50,000 dollars bruh. I still get checks from them every now and then. but I’m also very proud of that runway show in Paris like boy that’s bucket list shit right there.






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