Flo Guan

Flo Guan

If she had to wear a color all her life it would be pink; Flo Guan, is a young London-based influencer, who love lives her life with positives energies, love and of course, colors. She talks more about fashion, travel and even her hidden passion.

Where do you like to hang out in London? What’s your favorite address ?
I like to hang out in shoreditch, east London and in central London around soho! As there is loads of cool things to do around there. There are lots of good places to eat, bars, clubs etc and also shops!! My favourite restaurant right now is dishoom, if you are ever in London please check it out, the food is delicious! Also sketch is the cutest place EVER!! If you want to go out clubbing, cirque le soir is the craziest club as well as the box!!

Tell us about one of your last purchase that you’re really proud of ?
I purchased these neon green Nike air forces which have sold out everywhere now!! I'm so happy I managed to get a pair! Plus I am junior size so I got it for such a great price! I'm obsessed with neon green right now and the shoes just match my hair perfectly!


How do you basically chose your outfit the morning ?
I choose my outfit depending on mood and weather. If it's super cold like it is now I will wrap up warm with a big coat and trousers, where as in the summer I wear a lot of crop tops and skirts etc. It can also depend on whether I feel like being cutesy, street wear style, y2k, punky etc..


Tell us about a trip that inspired you a lot ?  What would be your ideal future destination ? And why?
I went to New York which really inspired me because it's so fast paced and there's so much happening there all the time! Especially for fashion! I just went in September for fashion week and it was amazing! It really opened my eyes to different brands and just experiencing the whole crazy week!! Full of after parties and events, it was much fun! My first time going to New York was actually last summer though, I went to intern at paper magazine for 3 months and it was such a life changing experience living and working in a totally new city. From then on, I fell in love with New York and I am now making it a yearly thing to go there every year to visit! I have made so many good friends in NYC which I never thought I would have! And every time I go I have the best time ever!! My ideal future destination would be Tokyo, and I plan to go there next year! As I have always wanted to go there since I was a little kid and it looks incredible! I love the culture and the fashion there too, I know that I can go there and dress as extra and crazy as I want to and no one would even bat an eyelid hahaha.


If you have to wear only one color till the rest of your life which one you’ll chose ?
I would choose pink because it is such a cute colour!!


Tell us about a brand not very well known with you want to collaborate with ?
I would like to collaborate with new rock shoes or demonia shoes because their shoes are fucking INSANE!!!


Do you have a hidden passion?  Something you like to do but don't necessarily share on the networks?
I love to draw and paint, in going to start shading this with the world soon, so stay tuned haha ;)


courtesy FLO GUAN



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