Sara Helleberg

Sara Helleberg


She loves surrounding herself with arts and many other things. Meet Sara Helleberg, more than a model, she’s an artist who has a constant need to be creative. The 23 years old influencer talks more about her arts: the paint, and about her favorite items and brands in term of fashion. 


Tell me more about yourself
I'm a 23 year old artist and model from Norway. I love surrounding myself with art, dogs, interesting clothing, pretty colors and people I care for. I moved from Oslo to Copenhagen in August last year to seek new opportunities, challenges and a more creative environment. It was the best decision I ever made, even though I really love mountains and Denmark is extremely flat. I also make really good coffee due to my several artist-life-barista-side-jobs. 


What will be your favorite accessory this winter?
Not sure if you can really call it an accessory, but definitely all of my fur coats. They are a collection of a mix of vintage real and fake furs and I love them for several reasons: they make me look like royalty while never failing to keep my entire body warm through the harsh Scandi-winter. Important, though: I would never buy a new real fur coat. I prefer saving already dead animals from being forgotten and doing no good in old basements and dusted-down thrift shops. I give them life again, they keep me toasty and fabulous. Goals.


Do you paint for pleasure or do you plan to do something serious with your art?
My very main goal in life is to be able to live off my art. I love painting and it has such a calming and positive effect on me that it makes me doubt why I ever went to see a therapist in my teenage years. I should have just gone to the art shop instead. I have a constant need to be creative in some kind of way and never want to stop exploring different ways to create. I want to try everything! The big realization came to me a few months ago: I am an artist. That's what I want to be, that's what I've always been, and I am never going to settle for a life that is less than what I want. 


Are most of your photos thoughtful or spontaneous?
Most of them are spontaneous. I will randomly walk past a building with the same colour as my sunglasses and ask my friend to take my picture - or feel cute in my outfit, find somewhere out on the street to put my phone, use self-timer, and take a few photos myself. It's like I have mini-photoshoots here and there, a few times a week, and sometimes I end up posting the picture on Instagram. There are exceptions, of course.

I have used my Instagram a lot as a form of creative expression, a kind of selfie-art form, which I still like to do now and then, where the shoot itself is a bit more planned and time-consuming. However, I have less time on my hands now than I used to, and I like to focus more on the physical art that I make, so the spontaneous photos are more prominent on my Instagram-profile these days.


Do you have a name of a designer (famous or unknown) who inspire you?
Generally, I'm not that into designers, but more into specific items. For example, I would practically die for a pair of Maison Margiela's Tabi boots. I can also appreciate a lot of other Margiela items, but I don't necessarily feel like the designer really speaks to me. Although, I do want the Tabi boots so bad they inspire me to work harder just so I can afford them. Mary Rosenberger (@maryrosenberger) is more of an artist than a designer but she has inspired me for years. She is so open, original and sincere. Her art, personality and style gives me life. I would also like to put Sara Skogøy (@saraskogoy) out there.

I have walked two shows for her and had the time of my life. She has the coolest style, the best ideas, and I still can't believe I wore a Scampi crown at her show. I'm sure she will go places! In general I prefer unknown, small, independent brands or designers. I prefer individuality and originality over mass production. 


What's your favorite website for shopping?
I almost never shop online. If I do, it will mostly be on ebay or aliexpress. Honestly, you can find whatever you want there. Although I do have some favorite brands who are online: I really like KARA and I.AM.GIA. Lately I have also been eyeing a pair of boots from UNIF. I do prefer shopping in thrift shops or secondhand stores, though. That way I can get the goods right away and it's very likely that I'm never going to meet anyone wearing the same exact piece of clothing. The best!


Images courtesy SARA HELLEBERG




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