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Inspired a lot by the bad girl and singer Charlie XCX, Allie, who have decided to keep the same name of her idol, is a 19 yo fashion student and influencer from NYC. More than that, she’s also a big Depop seller and a beauty Youtuber. She talks with us about her favorite 90’s and 00’s pieces and where she’s advice to buy clothes.

Who are you? Introduce yourself?
My name is Allie XCX, I’m 19, Virgo, and I’m a student currently studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I make videos on YouTube ranging from fashion to beauty to vlogs and I am a Top Seller as well as Community Leader at Depop, where I run a shop with my best friend called 412 Vintage. I love music, expression, photography, and literally just living life. 

What’s your favorite piece from your wardrobe?
This is the hardest question for me to answer, because I always try to switch up my wardrobe daily and I cycle through clothes quickly as I sell on Depop- but I do also have a LOT of favorites. I can barely pick one outside of my staples, but I’d have to say my collection of Playboy accessories, and my black 90’s Playboy bag is definitely my fave.

Do you plan to open a real store or do you just sell your clothes on depop for fun?
Eventually, I do hope to open my own store. I’m studying business currently in school, so that has helped me to realize (along with my progress on Depop) that it is completely possible for me one day! I’d love to open a vintage clothing store curated by myself, also selling some of my own custom reworked pieces. It has been my mom’s dream for so long to open an antique store and she hasn’t been able to do it yet, so I feel like by opening my own vintage store one day I’d be paying homage to her as well. 

What’s your favorite address/website for buy your clothes?
I literally never buy clothes anywhere but the thrift, but if I was to pick a specific place I’d say Depop. I’ve found so many gemz on Depop its hard not to mention it! I usually vary locations of Salvation Army when I’m thrifting in person, because its cheap & super convenient.

What’s your dreamiest brand collaboration? Why?
Honestly, I think it would be Unif. I own nothing from their brand besides a pair of shoes, but for years I’ve seen everyone I follow wearing their clothes and I die every time. I love Unif as a brand but their prices are unrealistic for me as I’m trying to support myself in NYC. If they wanted to collaborate with me though, I can see our aesthetics making a beautiful combination. Their brand is basically sauced up reworks of 90’s and 2000’s trends, which is basically my whole style.

Who inspire you the most?
Definitely Charli XCX. I’ve been a longtime fan of hers, obviously by my name, and always believed that she was the baddest bitch on this planet. Her determination, confidence, honesty, as well as her talent and art inspire me endlessly. She is always ahead of trends, and is basically the future, when it comes to both fashion and music. She also stands for such a great message, female or even just bad bitch empowerment, and I hope to spread the same amount of tremendous love as she does one day. 

Where do you imagine in 10 years? What’s your plan in life?
I wish I had a plan in life, but in 10 years I think I’d like to see myself in California doing something that I love with the people who make me happy. I hope in the next few years I can keep growing as an “influencer” and graduate and just experience what life has to throw at me with some success. :)





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