Maja Malou Lyse

Maja Malou Lyse


If you are reading this and haven’t yet checked out the Instagram page, @habitual_body_monitoring2, you are about to get your world rocked. Maja Malou Lyse runs the thing. She is sex critical and critically sexy (if you ask me).


Does your name mean anything in another language?
I just discovered it means midwife in greek.


Where are you from and where do you live?  
I'm a danish gal and I'm based in Copenhagen. At the moment I’m studying my masters in fine arts.

Describe your living space.
New Nordic Strip Club.

“I don’t care much for the term sexpert, but I do care much for the subject.“
— Maja Malou Lyse

I love your personal style. Where do you shop?
Thank you! I shop on eBay mostly. I also really like shopping clothes at sex shops. The meaning of sexy is subjective, but I really love everything that is commonly marketed as sexy.

Would you consider yourself a bonafide sexpert?
Yes and no! I don’t care much for the term sexpert, but I do care much for the subject. I think that my work often gets misinterpreted for being sex positive, when actually I identify myself and my work as sex critical. In my opinion, the current sex-positivity movement still sneaks in a lot of “should” and ‘oughts” about when, where, and how sex should happen or how it should be. 

So like, instead of having the pressure to have penis-in-vagina sex and show how much you’re enjoying it (outdated sex advice) now there’s a pressure to do a range of sexual things and to show that you’re enjoying them (contemporary sex advice). In other words there’s still a sex hierarchy. Sex critical thinking allows more complexity regarding the subject and doesn’t only focus on hyper-positivity.

You live streamed your cervix. What was this experience like and did you get any interesting reactions?

For most, people love the cervix! It's quite mezmerizing, if you ask me. It's only been online for now, I have yet to incorporate it into a live act, as an ode to Annie Sprinkle!

“I think that my work often get misinterpreted for being sex positive, when actually I identify as sex critical.”
— Maja Malou Lyse

You also  3-D printed a clitoris. How big is it and where do you keep it? 
They are the average size of a human clitoris! I have a few in different shades and sparkles. I keep them on a rainbow coloured cake stand, piled with dildos, lubes and whatnot, it's a very attractive exhibit!

If you could give a TED TALK on anything what subject would you choose?
Probably something about being sex critical in a hyper sex positive era. Hmm. Or something about self-gynacology, it would be called: I'm not a gynaecologist, but I'll take a look! I once saw that statement on a dudes t-shirt and can't get it off my mind! LOL

You have answered questions and given advice on Adult Radio Shows. Do you have your own sex column? 
I should, right!? I actually used to do a sex Q&A on tumblr back in the day. But no, I don't have a column. I'm actually trying to write a book about sex. Truth be told, I hate writing so it's not an easy task for me. I wanna do more radio stuff though for sure!

Is instagram the best platform for those who want to ask questions?  
No! And the main reason for that is my long ass acrylic nails, its tricky to type detailed answers on my phone. Haha. Email is better. Come at me, friends.


Images courtesy of MAJA MALOU LYSE


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