Rosales Tale's

Rosales Tale's


How do you introduce someone so special? She has many names and many faces like Dolores De La Rosa. She is wild, she is free, she is you, she is me.


Are you a party animal or a homebody?
I am Absolutely a homebody. I used to go out a lot a while ago. I would go to every social event but then I realized how fun it is to be indoors and a homebody wild animal! I love to stay at home and play with my photo booth and iMovie. I do this for hours and let all of my characters go out and play! I put my wigs on and tons of makeup on my face in order to get different moods!

Also, I don't drink alcohol or take drugs, so you could imagine how crazy I could be! I prefer to stay in for hours reading books and watching films for inspiration. My friends think that I got old early but they like to have a good mama like me.


Have you ever felt shy?  Like, have you ever gotten really nervous for a show or a shoot?  You don't seem like that type, but one never knows!
Well, in fact, I am a very shy person. It is hard for me to open up to people, but I always connect very well with people when I do. Because I have the weakness of oversharing things, I make friends easily. I believe that everything I learn from my personal experiences can also help the people that I cross paths with in the universe. 

Sometimes I can’t do my own stuff if there is someone watching me. When I do performances at the galleries I have to work hard to get into the character and leave the shy Soraya at home.

I’m thinking about making more spiritual videos explaining how different perspectives I’ve learned in life have helped me find my axis . I am so panicky when I put myself in front of a camera and later on during the screen editing of my videos, hearing myself talk.

How do youtubers do it?! I'm looking for a way to accomplish this by overcoming my anxieties about seeing my face and hearing my own voice. The other thing is that I'm unable to see myself on Instagram with another person in front of me!

But in general, I have always worked under the direction of incredible people and great artists who demanded the most from me (from Filip Custic to Harley Weir going through IbKamara or Antonio Mingot along others) and thanks to my meditation tricks I always come away with everything and very happy. I feel super lucky for the people I have known working in my instagram life. I recently did a session under the incredible water, I have panic when drowning ... it was incredible ... you will see.


You wake up in the middle of the night and you have 60 seconds to evacuate your house. What do you take with you?
First of all, I would take my suitcase of photographs, diaries, things printed on paper, my books and newspapers…then I would run for my computer and my hard drive. 

Here I would have 30 seconds left, what I needed to take my wigs and wake up all my soulmates who live with me to come with me! I would got dressed while waking up the boys in 10 seconds to go and with the suit on that my grandmother forced me to wear in her Berber village. I would take the wicker basket that I brought from there with the rest of the clothes, barefoot practically.


If you had to wear the same outfit every single day for an entire year, what outfit would that be?
Well, that's exactly what I thought after answering you last question, if I do leave everything in my house and I just take the wicker basket that I have at home, I would go dressed with the fabrics of my grandmother's town, the TRAPOS ROSALES collection that I made from garments of things around house like a snuggie, towels, aprons, sheets...this basket also contains my colorful ballerina jumpsuits. Now that you ask me, I may adopt this response as a challenge to carry out and start dressing like that in 2018.


Do you have any superhuman tricks or talents? Can you wiggle your ears and your nose and eyebrows all at the same time? Can you juggle?  
I’ve never been too good with any of that...I guess that's why I take refuge on Instagram and in doing comedy and oddities in my own particular way. I can make a rose with my tongue, is that good?

Describe your mood with the name of a perfume (real or fake):
Fake but real, because I really want to make my own perfume. Just Like Dalí did, with amazing packaging and beautiful bottles… 

Agua, aire y presencia, Sor Ros como esencia.


Images courtesy of SOR JAZZ TXILATI


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