Thomas Santos

Thomas Santos


Meet Thomas Santos, a 22 year old fashion enthusiast with an obsession for Chelsea Charm’s breasts. This Paris based stylist talks openly about life as a young creative, and how he uses fashion as a tool to fabricate his own realities. Inspired by ordinary people and how they follow their inner script, Thomas tries to follow his own script in todays fashion industry.


First things first, who is Thomas Santos?
I’m probably somewhere between a schoolboy and a spinster. I’m still living at my parents’ and still scared of making phone calls, I’m waiting for life to start, not knowing how to stand on my two feet, still young but yet so old, tired, feeling unexcited… I like waking up evert morning though. Also I love buying clothes that I will wear once or twice, putting my pants on really high so my legs look longer and thinking nobody is noticing I’m wearing make-up. 


How did you get into fashion?
When I was in high school I wanted to be a fashion photographer but I realised it wasn’t for me, then I decided to study fashion design and I realised I wasn’t so good at it, and now I’m doing styling and hoping I can make a career out of it. I don’t know how I got into fashion and to be honest I’m not even sure that I’m in it.

What does fashion mean to you? 
Fashion doesn’t mean a lot to me, it is only a tool. I don’t think fashion is very important but it’s the way we use it, it is about fabricating your own realities, cover-up and make pretend, and for me it’s about having fun and making life bearable.


What or who inspires you? 
I enjoy looking at how people style themselves, how they decide to present themselves to the world, how they dress-up to go to work, how women do their makeup. I love seeing how everyone is following their inner script and putting on their own performances.

What do you think is problematic in todays fashion industry? 
I think what’s problematic is that we are always looking for something problematic. I’d rather think about the positive!


Current obsessions? 
At the moment I’m watching every Jeanne Moreau interview you can possibly find on the internet. And I am very interested in Chelsea Charm’s breasts.

Do you have a movie, series or book character you’ve always reasoned with?
I grew up watching Desperate Housewives every Thursday in my parents bedroom and even though I always dreamed of being a Gabrielle, it was rather a Susan or a Lynette that I could become, but now I feel like I’m 100% Bree.

What are your expectations for the future?
I want to do many things but also stay at home. My current plan for the future is: spending a year in Brazil, getting married before the end of 2020, working non-stop for the next 25 years, and then being able to buy a huge house in Montmorency and retire from the world.






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