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Erik Sommer

Erik is an artist based in New york, which hostess is being his main muse. With a butter knife he spreads cement on his models only to decay it again.


Keiken imagines new worlds with their collective, open-source art practice: from fashion to video games, their work envisions a more just, equitable technological future.


With foam, rubber and champagne, Linkedin and wigs, the colour of beige, writing, baking and dancing Fördärvet portraits the absurdity of contemporary capitalism.

Christian Rex van Minnen

Christian Van Minnen is an NYC-based artist who loves to show through his canvases, the mad fusion between horror and sweetness which represent the amazing contrasts of life. He talks more about his meticulous creation process and what his curious representations hide.

Tishk Barzanji

Tishk Barzanji reference life. He is an artist, observer and master of space. He creates spatious architectural sceneries and interiors, snapshots of universal and static neighbourhoods.

Angela Deane

Meet Angela Deane, a Baltimore based artist that turns old photos new, creating delightful art pieces using ghosts, witches, flowers and (last but not least) her sense of humor.

Kieran Leach

Artist Kieran leach describes his latest work as Pimp My Ride meets the gallery. We take a moment to discuss art, confidence, and an early trip to Tate Liverpool that sparked it all.

Tomas Aciego

Meet Tomas Aciego, a visual artist from Madrid. Inspire by sci-fi and videogames, he talks about how his 3D art began and why his women representations are both a personal idea of the estheticism of a human body and a kind of criticism of society and media.

Sumara Laika

"We don’t always have to deal with things with flowers and unicorns. Sometimes just scream in a fit of rage." Get to know Sumara Laika, the London-born and bred artist re-imaging your insta insecurities in her latest project.