All in people


New York-based artist Sedona is not a hard and fast term. She is somewhere between a maker and a siren—a songstress marching to her own drum.

Axel Swan

Twenty three years ago, a British model met an Italian Guns N’ Roses fan. Axel Swan, a jack of all trades was born... and yes that is his real name.


Meet Callan, a liberated lady from down under who rightfully calls out The USA’s imperialism as a bit of a boner killer. Also, as a bonus, find out what bodily functions and perfume she smells like!

Javier De La Blanca

Javier De La Blanca is not simply a stylist in Spain. He is a charismatic, quirky, dramatic, funny and fashionable kid that has the power to make anything look cool. Oh and one more thing: He is not camera shy!

Rosales Tale's

Rosales Tale's (Sor Jazz Txilati), as a name, is a mouthful. As a person, she is a handful. One that is magnetic, elegant, beautiful and has just enough spunk.