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Merci Jitter

Merci Jitter is a worldwide collective of talented creatives pushing multiculturalism and odd combinations alongside photography and physical installations; made up of Icelandic/French producer Daniel Ness, HNRO and Seoul-native Kim Kate.

Lovers Club

Meet Yoeri and Stef, members of Lovers club, they discuss about what they want to show with their band and how love is for them a question of self-acceptance, freedom and respect.


Technology is already an extension of ourselves, I am exploring whether this is creating disembodiment and a loss within self of sense. Does doing human things with the aid of science still feel human? 


The future of pop has never looked better. Meet Golin, a Japanese/American artist that makes songs that'll make you have a one-person rave everywhere you go.


Ahead of their quick return to the UK to promote their debut album Friendship Music, we had the opportunity to shoot the breeze and share some memes with the Surfbort.

J Raheem

J Raheem weaves his innermost thoughts into powerful sonic imagery, inviting viewers to step inside the workings of an artist’s mind.

Jesse Jo Stark

The L.A. born and raised "horrific hillbilly," Jesse Jo Stark, sparked a flame last year with the release of her debut EP "Dandelion." Learn more about her inspirations along with how she's handled the release and last year of touring.


As the co-founder of Amsterdam’s X3, Lyzza is by now a familiar face in the underground club scene. But following the release of her vocal-driven EP “Imposter”, it is clear that she wants to be known for much more.


Von is not a basic musician, she’s the woman of sex tech. She discusses today more about her art: her music, that she define as a sex positive synth pop. Von talks about communication, ownership over your body and what she thinks about the word feminist as well.

Raven Artson

Let’s meet Raven, from the Netherlands, he talks about his felt to live in Amsterdam and how he his group contribute to make him happy and in good vibes.