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Léo AW19

Instinctive spirituality, psychological and technological limbos and meditative raving, the LEO trio rejects fictional muses and designs for the real woman of our generation.

Each X Other AW19

Each Other is a brand inspired by connection and bringing beauty to ordinary life. The AW19 show that took place in Paris exhibited wearable looks with a strong feminine undertone. Explore the backstage snaps as a cross section of this tastefully cool label.

Rue L AW19

Old tech. New Tech. High-street. RUE-L is a digital trip, borrowing the most fun components of past and present technology as inspiration for the newly revealed FW19 streetwear collection. Here are some candid backstage moments from Paris Fashion Week.

Anais Jourden AW19

Anaïs Jourden’s most recent collection debuts looks that feature infamous moments for female empowerment in fashion over the ages. From the 80’s power suit to the 20’s bias-cut dress, the FW19 Paris Fashion Week show is serving fashion “à la carte”.

Ninamounah AW19

In their latest collection, ‘Evolve Around Me’, Ninamounah explores what the animal kingdom can teach us about dominance and submission. The designer uses the medium of fashion to explore the rules of power through the lens of evolution. Cowgirl suit on and whip-in-hand, Ninamounah takes you for a ride.

Salvatore Vignola AW19

Showing a deep sensibility towards new trends and great classics, Salvatore Vignola always had this creativity in which we find back to his last collection called ‘BRIGANTESSA 2.0’ taking its name from a revolt rages after a war in Italy during the 19th century.

Afterhomework AW19

Based on the idea to represent the socials phenomenons through unstructured but geometric look, the young Parisian brand took place this year for the PFW in a dark and greyish hangar in the same way as the colors of the AW19 collection; Paris on a dark and stormy night. 

Y/Project AW19

Y/project is a Parisian label known for their playful take on classic shapes, reimagined with inventive detailing and witty historical references. Creative director Glenn Martens blends eccentricity down into exciting and thought provoking shapes that “transcend versatility.”

Neith Nyer AW19

Neith Nyer is a Paris based label interested in displaying narrative through design, drawing reference from anywhere from “vulgarity” to modern art. This season they collaborated with 90s French label DDP to create a collision of their two worlds.

Xu Zhi AW19

XU ZHI is a London based label founded in 2014 by Central Saint Martins' graduate Xuzhi Chen. Mixing traditional Chinese craftsmanship with Western influences, the brand has been recognised for its unique take on contemporary fashion.

Koché AW19

The emerging and independent brand KOCHE which took its name by her creator Christelle Kocher have presented “The Land of My Dreams” collection at PFW 19 in the beautiful and huge space AccorHotels Arena.

Westminster University BA AW19

On the 15th of February, the University of Westminster BA popped their London Fashion Week runway cherry a second time. Their course dates being realigned to the international fashion calendar allowed for their debut last year, with the graduates A/W19 collections gliding down the runway this time.


Eudon Choi AW19

A shipping container isn’t usually considered very ‘fashion’ but EUDON CHOI successfully transformed one into a makeshift runway, showcasing an AW19 collection composed of strong tailored pieces against fluid fabrics in celebration of the female form.