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Neith Nyer SS19

The Neith Nyer SS19 show was a true testimony to the Francisco Terra’s fashion forward aesthetic and his fun loving nature. He works well with others and it works well for him. We may be tardy to the party but we still want to share our BTS from that day!

Alf Leila wa Leila

A friendship that turned into a creative partnership, what started as playing around with what an iPhone camera can do: 240 FOESC wants to break through to the human side - making people think and question what they have been told.


Shoop Clothing introduces “Office Core” to the world with their FW18 campaign, recreating fake insurance, asset management and bank ads inspired by our post-truth and fake news era.


“Andromeda” reminds us of the depths of outer space - Beyond the abyss and into the great wide open. Get to your very own galaxy beyond the black hole in your head.