Daisy Maybe

Daisy Maybe is the singer-songwriter who is about to take over your winter nights and rainy Ubers with her debut single, ‘Riverbed’, a nostalgic anthem of all our once-upon-a-time infatuations.

Riley Sweeney Lynch

With a cult director and screenwriter as mom and dad, Riley grew up within “Hollywood.” An aspiring filmmaker himself, he also has an itch for Metal Music and driving cross country.

Y/Project SS19

This season Y/Project further established itself as the bleeding edge between streetwear and prêt-à-porter. Cable-knit, tartan, and encrusted pieces made their way down a red-carpeted runway.

Marion Crampe

Marion Crampe dances Pole, but not like the other girls. AND, she’s not JUST a pole dancer - she’s an artist, performer, instructor, athlete, model, contortionist, wife and a free bird!

Neith Nyer SS19

The Neith Nyer SS19 show was a true testimony to the Francisco Terra’s fashion forward aesthetic and his fun loving nature. He works well with others and it works well for him. We may be tardy to the party but we still want to share our BTS from that day!

Be Rough With Love!

As promised Halloween inspiration is here. Capulet vs Montague, everyone knows the film and the iconic styling. It’s hardly original but remains one of my favorite films. Many of the pieces are readily available on Amazon ready to be styled out.

Puce Mary

Bill Kouligas’ PAN releases its album, The Drought, from Danish producer and sound artist, Puce Mary and listening to it will make you smarter.