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MM6 SS20

A myriad of bells, horns, and rock’n’roll filled Milan’s Fabbrica as MM6 kicked off day 1 of Milan Fashion Week with a ceremony of love! Complete with wedding cake and prosecco, the evening was the perfect celebration of fashion and design.

Collezione di Fiori

Shop Journal and Basic collaborate to explore their shared love for vintage and sustainable design, creating accessories from second-hand materials to serve as a basis for their collection and campaign, inspired by maximalisam, camp, romance and their friends.

Estileras SS20

Rebelling against the fashion industry’s worst habits, Brazilian-born label Estileras dedicates its looks to recycling rejected clothes and unveiling the process (and the people) behind each piece. Centred around strong anti-waste values, the brand transforms the old into imaginative and extra-terrestrial looks.

Essential Items

Items you should add in your wardrobe immediately to make your look contemporary and cool. It will give a touch of ultra freshness to your look and do not worry about what to wear anymore. Get one of it now!

Feria del Caballo

Individualising the crowd: Amsterdam-based photographer Eva Roefs captures the week-long festivities of the annual Feria del Caballo (or Horse Fair) in Jerez de la Frontera. immortalising the continuing traditions of the event.


The muted colours that dominate the collection are contrasted with the ‘alien’ quality that his sculptural creations evoke. “I like the contrast of soft materials with something strong,” he says.

Linus Leonardsson

Champagne rivers, infinite rainbows and flower meadows. This is how London-based designer Linus Leonardsson imagines his utopic future. His work is a celebration of personal exploration and freedom. With an activistic mindset, ready for change, Linus is off to a fabulous but conscious future.


Gen G., short for ‘Generation Gaming’, is a photo series inspired by the gaming generation - ‘that spends more time gaming in fantastic virtual worlds than in the real world’.


Tara Hakin shares her 6-look womenswear graduate collection inspired by Guy Bourdin, Daido Moriyama, Hans Furer and Kazumi Kurigami and focused on ‘wet look texture’.

Lover's Tale

Stylist Inez Naomi and photographer Imke Panhuijzen share their regal, whimsical, aristocratic-esque take on fashion in their stunning new series ‘Lover’s Tale’.


‘Totality’ is a new fashion series styled by Marita Owens, photographed by Jake Elliott, and modeled by Alizon Bizzi - also known as @ultraposh94.