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Freckled Ace

Betsy Johnson’s independent line Freckled Ace has long affiliated itself with queer perspectives on identity. FA’s latest – Dark Spaces – explores the parallels between Northern England’s industrial depravity and the emancipatory hedonism of Berlin’s party culture.

Air Ouane

Ever wondered what would come out if Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’ and Jim Sharman’s ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ had a baby? Meet Paris-based Air Ouane, here to paint his own world of desires.

The Nails

Do You Know The Nails Are A Waste Of Your Body? Larger than life personalities, like those of models Sophia Lamar and Johnny Petrozzino encapsulate the eccentric glamour of New York City. Whether it is true or imagined, there is a clear expectation of the inhabitants of this city.


"Lodges" is inspired by Halloween costumes and magic creatures, by the duality between fantasy and reality and by the latest fashion show of Xander Zhou.