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Robert Coombs

Education through porn, sexual adventures and adjusting to disability in the new age of dating apps, Robert Coombs’ ‘CripFag’ indiscriminately lusts over the morphing body.

Christina Nwabugo

Unapologetic shared existence, the domino effect of positive self-depiction and collective validity, Christina Nwabugo is mesmorised by human preciosity and salutes black lives in a digital sphere.

Ryan Duffin

Birthing technocratic art from a lens coloured by a 2000s gay tween, Ryan Duffin tests virtual capacities with work wedded to reality in a veil of Bauhaus design references.

Nicole Ngai

More than a Singaporean London-based photographer, Nicole Ngai fell in love with all the process and the practice of film and polaroid cameras. Nicole talks more about the connection she tries to have with all her subjects before wait for the slow process of development which give a quiet contemplation and preciousness to her work.


In between ready-made cult neo-neorealistic movies and locally issued carefree pop fashion machines, three different kids are trying their upmost to survive in the worst conditions Italy’s prosperity and welfare have faced.

Pat O'Malley

Pat O’malley has a new photo book coming out called “Cruiser” and we’re here to give you a sneak peek. If you are, ever have been or know an action sport lover, adrenaline junkie, vacationer or tourist, this series is for you.