Pink Wall

A rich contrast of rough and glossy materials are turned into solid bodies. Layered oversized street wear is styled with metallic shiny yarns of gold and silver. Worn by the innocent neighbourhood boys in the Parisian supermarket.

Clarita Nieblas

Motivated by her mother and thoroughly excited by the future, Clarita Nieblas hopes for a life filled with happiness and doing what she loves. Her best vacation includes eating the best Chinese food of her life.

Hannah Glenn

Fashion design student from Oregon moved to New York four years ago to establish herself in her respected field. Now she is exploring the separation of music and image in the era of social media. Her work is partly inspired from her first interaction with music.

Ariel Winn

A lover of dogs, Freddy Mercury and The Lorax by Dr. Seuss are some of the qualities which best describe Ariel. Her anti-capitalist vision sets her apart from the rest, and her ability to create an artistic image of herself is truly mesmerising.