Deana Lawson

American photographer Deana Lawson’s work faithfully dissects the stereotypes of black aesthetics, focusing on the performance of the individual; the intimacy within a singular moment, a snapshot into a mind and a life, where a stranger becomes ‘family’.

Solomon Osagie Alonge

Nigerian photographer, Solomon Osagie Alonge allowed for a new expression in the court; scenes of colonial defeat were replaced with a belated yet restorative prowess, personal integrity and power were visualised in each image, initiating a new narrative of cultural and national pride for Nigeria. 

We Are Your Friends

Portraying four different groups of people with unique characteristic that makes them stand out from other social, aesthetic and political contexts reminding us of whatever you are, you will not be alone.

Wilson Oryema

Wait is the self-published book by artist and model Wilson Oryema. Simply put – it is ‘a book about consumption’, a book of short poems and stories that can be read as a somewhat manual – a witty moral code for our ever consuming, ever impatient society. 

Sory Sanlé

Burkinabe photographer Sory Sanlé’s works declare a nostalgia before their time, a want for the possibility of anticipated hope and joy, of replacing the void of creativity amidst colonial formality, and creating an unspoiled narrative of cultural articulation.