Air Ouane

Ever wondered what would come out if Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’ and Jim Sharman’s ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ had a baby? Meet Paris-based Air Ouane, here to paint his own world of desires.

Thoughts on Seapunk

Thoughts on Seapunk: I don’t know if we’re ready for this, but here it is anyways! Clubkid hit us hard in 2012 and became uncool pretty quickly. At this point I’m tired of cyber, I’m ready for tie dye again!

Alex Frost

Alex Frost is a talented multidisciplinary artist who is gaining attention for his wet unboxings on youtube and Instagram - immersing his audience so to speak!

The Nails

Do You Know The Nails Are A Waste Of Your Body? Larger than life personalities, like those of models Sophia Lamar and Johnny Petrozzino encapsulate the eccentric glamour of New York City. Whether it is true or imagined, there is a clear expectation of the inhabitants of this city.

Miss Kenzo

Collapsing the boundary between human embodiment and structural haunting, New York-based DJ, model, and artist Miss Kenzo discusses music, recognizability, and different kinds of sociability that emerge when affirming the darker side at play.

Gaia Orgeas

Meet mega-babe Gaïa Orgeas. Nothing about Gaïa is surface-level. She’s the kind of girl at a go-see that everyone wants to hear and see. She’s also a mega-babe. 


"Lodges" is inspired by Halloween costumes and magic creatures, by the duality between fantasy and reality and by the latest fashion show of Xander Zhou.

Betsy Johnson

Betsy Johnson is a Grimsby-born artist and all-round wonder woman with an attitude like no other. With the release of her collection “My Illusion, Your Delusion” for The Ragged Priest, she talks to Coeval about politics, personal style and the underground scene.