Jesse Jo Stark

The L.A. born and raised "horrific hillbilly," Jesse Jo Stark, sparked a flame last year with the release of her debut EP "Dandelion." Learn more about her inspirations along with how she's handled the release and last year of touring.

El Fuego

The colours are bold, with fiery oranges and reds dominating the palette. The silhouettes are unapologetically casual and free, bringing to life the liberation that fuels the spirit of the models

Javier Almau

He dreams of a Vegas wedding in a CGI world. He dreams of Clairvoyants and Dolly Parton. Javier Almau Taboada talks of TV after 2 am and tracksuit-and-heels housewives.

Tishk Barzanji

Tishk Barzanji reference life. He is an artist, observer and master of space. He creates spatious architectural sceneries and interiors, snapshots of universal and static neighbourhoods.

Micol Ragni

Designer Micol Ragni shares her vision on the importance of light, the power of dress and working with female icons like Bjork and Erykah Badu in a collaboration with artist Maria Forque.


As the co-founder of Amsterdam’s X3, Lyzza is by now a familiar face in the underground club scene. But following the release of her vocal-driven EP “Imposter”, it is clear that she wants to be known for much more.

Sara Helleberg

Who’s Sara Helleberg behind his selfies with curious earrings? She defines herself as a 23 yo artist and model from Norway. Sara discusses more about her way to wear herself and to apprehend fashion and art.


Meet Janine Grosche, a young designer of her own brand: PATH. Between the culture of Berlin and Beijing she tells us how China is faster than Europe and how she succeeds to apprehend the fashion of this country.