Marc Ranger

Who is Marc Ranger? He prefers not to answer the question. He lives outside the box and inside a creative world of his own that seems to produce artistic fruit in every area of his life. From an outsider’s perspective, he is an illustrator, photographer, creative conceptualist and personal branding extraordinaire… but see for yourself. 

Seung Jin Yang

Art from Seoul by Seungjin Yang, that starts with the idea of exploring something unexpected. A fragile material that is turning into a stable eye-catchy Art piece, introducing “The blowing series“ that embodies the approach of using something that is more defined as an antithesis. 

From The Roots

From The Roots, Italian streetwear that dedicates their collections to the roots and origins of living. Growing like a tree that starts as a humble seed to developing strong roots to produce branches and leaves. #fashion

Yao Bikuni

Weeping tears that become pearls and shining gold scales of a romantically tragic creature, the Ningyo has a sweet meat flesh that can renew into immortality.

Randy Gowon

Randy Gowon is a Nairobi- based model and style influencer, who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of self expression with the various visual projects he works on. He talks to us about being a rising star in the Kenyan fashion sphere, his growth and influences.

Caleb Steph

Get to know Caleb: the Virgina-hailing rapper who urges you to know yourself and somehow manages to find the time to get stuck in with community work wherever he finds himself.


Transformation fluxes, sacrality and eternity, the anonymous founder of OLOAPITREPS has a “never-ending natural urge of manipulating [one’s perception] of beauty, in order to elevate it to the next level”.

New Life Ai

Merging social networks and video games, mobile app NEW LIFE AI’s approach to technology and advertising will revolutionise the way we think about fashion

Adrian Saker

Chicken Shops, Nail-bars and Bookmakers - a typical suburban high street. In England’s Heartland there is a society lost, confused and in search of an identity – a little like myself at the time of making these pictures.