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Paris based photographer, Camille Mompach, presents “Ginger”, an exclusive fashion story for Coeval Magazine all shot on film. She was inspired by a mix of her Parisian surroundings and Japanese culture to create fluid imagery, with hues blending together like water colour paint. Check out the creative release and her interview below.


Meet the Milan-based Italian-Syrian designer creating self-proclaimed ‘humanswear’ inspired by fetishism - who hates real life and wishes there could be more magic in their creations


Photographer Ali Yavuz Ata shares a futuristic take on the potential impending outcomes of humanism under the influence of artificial intelligence with a series called Humanoid.

Delicate Boys

Breaking the rules of gender is nothing new, but visual artist Fabio D’Onofrio has set out to blur the lines of gender in a soft way through the photo series ‘Delicate Boys’.

Counter Intuitive

The photo series titled ‘Counter Inutive’, shot by Dominyka Angelyte, Sebastien Hernandez Bertrand and Paul Bourigan documents the awkwardness of real-life scenarios through a counterintuitive approach to life.

Fetish Lore

That moment, when magic and supernatural are exploring each other. Fetish clothing culture mixed with Swedish folklore, a style that gives the wearer an undefined kind of control and power.

Liam Hodges SS20

Happy 6th-year anniversary to self-titled London-based brand Liam Hodges - whose new SS20 collection Fifth Generation explores futurism and pressure of social media, inspired by online personalities, cyberpunk ideas and stock computer game characters.


The photo series ‘Homemade’ looks to handcrafted Latin American fashion, capturing the raw and unpolished nature of the rising fashion scene in Mexico City through the lens of Maria Fernanda Molins.

Boys in Love

Photo series by Edrien Guillermo visits a lucid dream about love through a masculine perspective, with its primary purpose to convey sexual freedom, combining the forces of love and sex, without limitation. 

From The Roots

From The Roots, Italian streetwear that dedicates their collections to the roots and origins of living. Growing like a tree that starts as a humble seed to developing strong roots to produce branches and leaves. #fashion

Yao Bikuni

Weeping tears that become pearls and shining gold scales of a romantically tragic creature, the Ningyo has a sweet meat flesh that can renew into immortality.


Transformation fluxes, sacrality and eternity, the anonymous founder of OLOAPITREPS has a “never-ending natural urge of manipulating [one’s perception] of beauty, in order to elevate it to the next level”.